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Aug 14, 2019

Sarasin & Partners is a specialist asset management firm that manages £13.9 billion (as at 30.6.19) on behalf of intermediaries, institutions, charities, pension funds and private clients, from the UK and around the world. The group employs over 200 people of which 86 are investment professionals.

Sarasin & Partners is known both as a market leader in thematic investment and for long-term income and dividend management across multi-asset and equity mandates. Consistent with a longer-term approach is a commitment to ‘stewardship’ principles, embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into the investment process.

Investment mandates

We offer the following equity mandates and client portfolios can be tailored towards a growth or an income producing strategy. We also offer other investment mandates for clients seeking ethical investments and an AIM service.

  • Defensive 20% equity neutral
  • Defensive 30% equity neutral
  • Balanced 40% equity neutral
  • Balanced 50% equity neutral
  • Balanced 60% equity neutral
  • Growth 70% equity neutral
  • Growth 80% equity neutral
  • Equity 100% equity neutral.

Assessing suitability

We are able to contract with an adviser on an ‘Agent as Client’ basis or directly with the client whilst recognising the introducing IFA. Depending on the chosen contract, we can invest client assets as directed by the adviser or take on responsibility for assessing suitability and the client’s attitude to risk/ capacity for loss.


We provide 24-hour access to our online reporting facility and detailed reporting to meet the FCA requirements on a quarterly basis, as a minimum. This can be delivered by hard copy or online and by email as instructed. The reports include:

  • Schedule of transactions and cash transactions
  • Monthly reconciliations of cash and market values
  • Quarterly performance and portfolio commentary
  • Performance attribution reporting is contained within our standard quarterly reports.


The standard annual investment management charge is calculated using a sliding fee scale as follows:

  • £500k – £2.5m = 0.85%
  • £2.5m – £7.5m = 0.75%
  • £7.5m – £20m = 0.50%
  • Thereafter = 0.40%  

Sarasin & Partners do not charge a DFM service fee on any investments into Sarasin internal funds. Sarasin funds are subject to an internal Annual Management Charge, ranging from 0.4% to 0.85%.

VAT is applied to the Annual Management Charge (where applicable) on any part of the portfolio that is not invested in Sarasin & Partner’s internal funds.

The key features of Sarasin & Partners’ investment philosophy are:

  • Strategic investment policy – it is essential for us to gain a genuine understanding of each client’s objectives to help us create an appropriate strategic investment policy
  • Recurring income – we believe a recurring income stream is key to underpinning long-term capital values
  • Dynamic asset allocation – once a strategic asset allocation is agreed, we seek to add value by operating our dynamic asset allocation process within approved tactical operating ranges
  • Global thematic equity selection – our global thematic process knows no geographical bounds; it simply seeks to identify the most attractive global companies before their appeal becomes the consensus. This will ensure that we have a good level of currency diversification within the portfolio
  • Third-party specialist funds (open architecture) – the selection of specialist external managers to complement our thematic process is an integral part of portfolio construction.
  • Invest in active portfolios – generally we seek managers who are truly expressing a view
  • Invest in experienced managers – whether a manager has been investing for two or 20 years, you generally pay the same fee. Experience through market cycles is beneficial to managers navigating in these uncertain times
  • To be forward looking – leveraging the macroeconomic expertise of the firm to identify countries, sectors, styles, or themes which may outperform at any one time.
  • Risk management – we strive to make certain that our clients are never surprised by our performance and aim to ensure that clients never become forced sellers at an inappropriate moment in the market cycle.

The selection process of third-party funds is style agnostic but operates under three key principles:

We solely conduct proprietary, in-house research on third party funds, as this allows us to conduct a detailed, unbiased assessment that follows our manager selection process and philosophy. 

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Sarasin & Partners

The Sarasin Bespoke Portfolio Service offers private clients cost-effective access to our renowned global thematic investment approach and market-leading levels of service. Each portfolio is skilfully constructed to meet the client’s individual requirements and expertly managed on an ongoing basis. We work closely with financial advisers to ensure the very best outcomes for clients. Depending on the type of contract chosen, we can invest client assets as directed by the adviser or take on responsibility for assessing suitability and the client’s attitude to risk/capacity for loss. Each portfolio has a designated investment manager responsible for the investment. They oversee the portfolio’s asset allocation and ongoing management, ensuring it meets the agreed strategy for the client.

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