A second PROD for advisers

By Dave Chessell

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Dec 09, 2019

We’ve had a good response to the news that we’re publishing a practical guide to PROD on the 11 December – over 50 advisers are already on the waiting list to receive it as soon as it’s available.

This week, Professional Adviser has produced the second segment of highlights from the paper and the final one will follow on the 11 December, just ahead of us publishing the paper in full.


This week’s instalment focuses on PROD methodology.

Speaking to advisers who’ve been through the process, we discovered it’s very easy to get lost in the finer details, which makes implementing an effective solution tricky. As we highlight in the paper, it’s essential to find common ground among your clients or you can end up with 100 segments for 100 clients because every client is unique in their own way.

There are multiple ways of creating a solution. In our paper we suggest creating eight sub-segments and we illustrate how to work with that. It’s just one example but the key thing is to keep it as simple as possible, otherwise the task can become too daunting. Working with current advisers it became obvious that the key to simplicity is having a structured, repeatable process and that’s what we’ve taken the opportunity to outline

How, not why

Along with methodology, we’ve put together some case studies that show exactly how advisers might tackle the task in detail. We’ve seen too many papers talking about why advisers should get on with PROD but none that actually show how you can do it. We wanted to provide practical help, not a lecture and, judging from the response we’ve had to this approach, it seems to be exactly what advisers are looking for.

If you’d like to register for the paper when it’s published on the 11th December, please follow this link and we will ensure you receive a copy.

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