Financial Advice at a crossroads

Change has come to the advisory market. Today, advisers are responding to major shifts in technology, regulation and client behaviour. As Mifid II creates a more transparent industry, consolidation looks to build a more focused one. There are risks, but there are also rewards for those that truly understand the changes afoot. Increasingly demanding and well-informed clients want to know where every pound comes from and where it goes. Their understanding of platforms and products has never been greater. They also expect advisers to adapt and make technology work for them. And it is technology — as well as outsourced investment solutions — that could bring smaller investors back into the fold, as robo-advice increasingly looks like a reality. Can the tech giants do for financial advice what the major supermarkets have done for banking and insurance? The industry must also deal with the questions posed by the new Mifid II regulations, both national and international, including new reporting obligations, new codes of conduct, new standards, in addition to the ongoing justification of action to the regulators. Then there’s the challenge of an industry facing a wave of acquisitions and consolidation. What does this mean for advisers and the clients they serve? To discuss these and other pressing issues, we brought together voices from across the industry. We hope you find the following discussion useful as a guide to the key obstacles and opportunities in the ever-evolving advisory market.

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Mar 05, 2019
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