Are all DFMs the same? Three reasons we are different

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Many professional advisers tell us that they believe all discretionary fund managers offer close to identical services. Portfolios have become so volatility-controlled, investment processes so restricted that really the only differentiator is whether you like the person who walks through the door.

We have sympathy for this view but believe we can point to three clear reasons that we are very different.

We build around your advice philosophy

Discretionary fund managers typically sell an ‘off the peg’ investment solution with a view to piling their advisory clients high. At Albemarle Street Partners we are forming deep and long-term relationship with a limited number of high-quality professional advisers. For this reason we are able to construct an investment proposition individual to each of our clients.

We shape how we run investments around the advice philosophy you have. We will stay small and nimble enough to be the servant of your plans to build your business.

We help demonstrate your role to the client

We believe in listening to professional advisers on an on-going basis to receive the challenge we need to ensure that everything we do is aligned to their individual clients. 

More than this we will document this challenge and prepare marketing and content material to demonstrate to the client how you are challenging us on an on-going basis.

We see your whole business

Our focus on working with a limited number of key clients means that we are totally committed to helping you build your business for the long-term. That means we are a point of contact that will help with every aspect of what you do – without ever attempting to threaten your independence. Our support includes building your brand through marketing support, creating exceptional content and working with you to understand how best to serve your clients and to increase the value of your business over the long-term. 

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Albermarle Street Partners is an established discretionary investment manager and investment consultancy that believes a successful investment proposition is one crafted around the advice philosophy of diligent financial advisers.

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